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Spending any amount of time with Michael Whalen leads to the realization that “Renaissance Men” are still a reality, living, breathing and creating among us. While one may find Whalen speaking at an inspirational conference, or discover his name on an article about wellness, it’s in listening to his music that you’ll really get to know the full range of his talent. The Emmy-winning composer recently warmed hearts with songs from his latest original album, Kiss The Quiet: meditations on live and love, in a rare Valentine’s concert at the Greenwich House Music in New York City.

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Kiss The Quiet is Michael at his most beautifully, romantically and melodically gorgeous best. Every track is filled with passion and feeling as Michael uses a combination of his ambient piano, synthesizers and electronics on his most satisfying recording yet. In this album, Michael transforms a period of heartbreak and healing into music, and in doing so, solidifies his role as one of the foremost ambient/new age composers and artists of the last 20 years. While his original album, My Secret Heart, set the bar high, Michael raises it even higher with this album.

Commenting in the positive, music critic Dick Metcalf of Contemporary Fusion Reviews said “If what your ears are thirsting for is music that has both mystical and majestic qualities, you’ll definitely find “Almost Touching Heaven” to bring you closer to whatever you define as Nirvana. Michael’s ‘pacing’ on this composition is better than so many other players, and his weave of strident piano with strings will help your spirit rise higher and higher…”
New videos accompanying the album include “Almost Touching Heaven”, “Heart So Full of Joy” and “Full Moon Dance”, which opens with a humorous nod to the challenges of composing quiet music amidst the siren-blaring firetrucks of New York City. It is this type of insider humor, paired with honesty, that endears Whalen to his fans.

“Someone asked me how I write my music,” Whalen shares “and I only do it when I’m heartbroken…when I’m trying to work out something, when I don’t have the answers. Since I was four years old and climbed up on the bench, the piano has given me a place to put what I’m feeling…it doesn’t explain my feelings, but it gives them a place to go, to release them into the universe. And when the music is all done, and you release it…that’s peace.”
The poignancy and sensitivity in Whalen’s music echoes throughout his prolific essays, in which he repeatedly expresses a commitment to forgiveness, and often bares his soul as a modern-day seeker. Album titles preceding Kiss The Quiet confirm as much, including My Secret Heart, Dream Cycle, You Are My Home, Sea of Tranquility, and more in the 30-plus solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. Access to his latest essays, music videos and updates are readily found on his Facebook page.

Whalen composed, performed, produced and recorded Kiss The Quiet in its entirety; it was mastered by Tom Eaton at Universal Noise Storage, Newburyport, MA.
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Website – www.michaelwhalen.com/bio
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YouTube – www.youtube.com/user/michaelwhalenmusic

Track List for Kiss The Quiet:
1. “Kiss The Quiet” (6:07)
2. “Heart So Full of Joy” (4:30)
3. “Full Moon Dance” (4:31)
4. “Almost Touching Heaven” (6:30)
5. “The Prayer Box” (5:17)
6. “No More Secrets” (6:08)
7. “Window To the Soul” (5:37)
8. “My Obsequious Tear” (4:36)
9. “Hush The Night” (5:26)
10. “Ever Closer Ever Nearer Ever Sooner” (4:26)

About Michael Whalen
Two-time Emmy® award-winner, BMI award winner and Emmy® nominated composer and music supervisor, Michael Whalen, is a veteran of over 700 TV and film scores, thousands of commercials and numerous TV themes and video games. Michael is also a prolific internationally-renowned recording artist and producer with 30 solo and soundtrack recordings to his credit. His song “I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes” has over 30,000,000 streams on Spotify and millions of views on YouTube. Known for his beautiful melodies and gorgeous textures, Michael has fused his expertise with sound design and his love of soaring cinematic melodies into a unique sound that has been loved since his first commercially released music on Narada (Universal) in 1993. Michael is an expert on music copyrights, music monetization and is seen frequently on panels and online talking about the future of the music business. Michael has been an adjunct professor at the Berklee College of Music, The City College of New York and NYU. He is published by Warner/Chappell Music.