Michael Whalen – Walk in Beauty, Like the Night


In 2005, Emmy® Winning composer Michael Whalen released the “My Secret Heart” on Narada. In the 17 years since its release, it has become one of the most POPULAR New Age and ambient recordings of all-time – accumulating hundreds of millions of streams across every music streaming platform in the world. His new album, “Walk in Beauty, Like the Night” is what Michael is calling the “sequel” to “My Secret Heart”. The album will be released on July 21. The first single is now out. 

Press release by LAZZ Promotions

Michael said: “in revisiting the musical vocabulary of ‘My Secret Heart”, I found there were more stories to tell because I have fallen in love and married the most amazing person in the last 15 years. I know love in another way. A deeper way.”

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:

Michael Whalen is a composer of over 650 television and film scores and thousands of advertising jingles. He has won two Emmy Awards. He is also a beloved artist in the ambient/New Age music field, and his piece I Have Loved You For A Thousand Lifetimes has been streamed over 38 million times on Spotify (see his full discography here). He recently released Future Shock (2021),  Like Rain Through My Hands (2021) and Imaginary Trains (2022).

For more information and music samples, visit michaelwhalen.com.