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Michelle Qureshi – Seventh Wave


Michelle Qureshi’s latest release is “Seventh Wave”, a 13-track album full of imaginative, eloquent, and deeply expressive pieces. The album will be released on Heart Dance Records 21 July 2017.

“Seventh Wave” is a follow-up to Michelle Qureshi’s 2016 release, “Scattering Stars”, again showcases her signature style – from the soothing blend of harmonies punctuated by plucked guitar strings in “Each Good Rain” to the majestic expansiveness of “Shift” to the fleeting, ethereal chimes of “Never Odd or Even” and the transcendent tones of “There Lightly”.

Each song presents a journey to a colorful inner world and continues to explore such musical innovation, working with guitars and other stringed instruments, both plucked and bowed, along with flutes and didgeridoos, with vocals, idiophones and membranophones and an array of synthesized sounds. This album captures a care-free spirit held together by the thoughtful, loving energy that this music conveys.

The album is available on Michellequreshi.com  and Heartdancerecords.com.

A press release by Heard Dance Records.