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Mike Oldfield’s 24-hour listening party


Mike Oldfield’s seminal album turns 50. To celebrate, a new Mike Oldfield world has been created on Decentraland for everyone to access.

Join the 24-hour party on Decentraland to listen to the brand new ‘Tubular Bells 4 Intro’ alongside other fans, starting at 6pm on Monday the 22nd May and ending at 6pm on the 23rd May.

Join the listening party here.

Grab yourself an epic Tubular Bells t-shirt, relax, and immerse yourself into this new musical journey!

The 50th-anniversary edition of Tubular Bells will be available on 2LP and 1CD from 26 May, 2023. The 50th anniversary edition includes the last-ever recording from Mike heard for the first time; the stunning 8-minute track “Tubular Bells 4 Intro”. In addition, a second album that unites several beguiling versions of Oldfield’s masterwork for the first time.

The 2LP includes the brand-new Abbey Road half-speed master of the original album alongside “Tubular X”, the 1998 recording for the “X-Files” album receiving its first outing on vinyl.

You may pre-order the 50th-anniversary edition of Tubular Bells on any format from recordstore.co.uk