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MotiMusic – Fuse


Moti is releasing its first single from MotiMusic, “Fuse”. Composed by the award-winning Elliot Leung, “Fuse” is a blend of electronic and nature that creates a unique hybrid that is wholly original and wholly human.

Through instrumentals alone, Fuse tells the story of becoming lost in the droning haze of daily life and rediscovering the peace of mind and heart that can be found beneath all the bustling distractions. “Fuse” captures this message through the seamless juxtaposition of modern electronic music with physical instruments like the classical cello and the ancient Native American pan flute.

Moti frames “Fuse” with the following, “How quickly our days become years. The noise of our lives redounds into a siren of static, a lingering hum that attempts to mimic and blanket the true silence of peace. Close your eyes. Open an ear to the void. Mistake a
teacher for a memory. How many lifetimes for a lost lesson to finally echo back to us? Fuse.”

Moti has this to say about its MotiMusic brand, “Moti’s vision for the MotiMusic is to use modern technology to unearth and explore music’s primordial pulse, and transcend cultural boundaries by tapping directly into humanity’s tribal heart.”

At its core, Moti is a storytelling company looking to express the human experience through any medium they can, be that music, animated short films, poetry, or 5D experiences. Moti’s goal is to inspire humanity as a whole to discover and inhabit their own inner utopia.

Find the single on your favorite medium here: https://ffm.to/moti-fuse

For more information and music samples, visit moti.media

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