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New album by TSODE


The composer of electronic music, Jesus Valenzuela, through his project TSODE, launches his second work after the successful “Yggdrasil”. This new album is called “Brainstorming” and will go on sale June 2 on digital platforms as well as streaming services such as Spotify or Deezer. Preorder already available on iTunes, Bandcamp and Google Play.

Press release by the artist

A disc recorded on horseback between the months of July 2016 and April 2017. 57 minutes spread over 11 songs full of sensitivity and beauty. On this occasion he has again collaborated with artists throughout the Spanish geography, such as the case of guitarist Miguel Angel de la Llave, who repeats experience in the project, the renowned flamenco guitarist Isaac Muñoz or the great Basque composer Sergio Zurutuza , Soul of the now disappeared symphonic group “Tirri Tarra”.

The TSODE project was born from the mind of composer Jesús Valenzuela. His music has been influenced by greats like Mike Oldfield, Vangelis, Jarre, Schiller or Cretu although always impregnating it with a very personal touch that they become one of the most special electronic new age artists.

Its trajectory begins at 19 years when he began to compose his first pieces. It was not until 2014 when he was commissioned to compose the BSO of the indie video game “Ridicubous” which he would repeat in 2015 with the “Nova x01” BSO.

In 2016 he launches his debut album “Yggdrasil”, which was¡ enthusiastically received by new age lovers and featured jewellery like “Flying Hawk” or “Nine Worlds” with guitarist and producer Paco Salazar wich received the praises of people like Tom Newman, producer of Tubular Bells. SEMIFINALIST in the MIN Awards of Independent Music 2017 (Spain)in the category of “Best Electronic Recording”, has appeared in radio Spanish programs like “Fluido Rosa” de Radio 3, prestigious musical websites like “Histericas Grabaciones”(Entrevista) and achieved the great Critics of programs such as “Musicas Imaginadas” de Onda Pedriza, Vientos del Norte de Onda Jerez, where they did a monograph about him.

Tsode surprises us this time with a more mature work, in which he continues to explore new sounds to give a different approach to New Age music.

Make sure to check out the music by TSODE on Bandcamp.