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New sounds from Asia – ‘The Spirit of Isan’

“The Spirit of Isan” is a new album, an international collaboration fusing the sounds of Thailand’s “Isan” hand made instruments with Western music. Over 100 people have collaborated with The Isan Project’s executive producer “Will Robinson” over the last two and half years.
Breaking this new distinctive sound from the heart of Asia was soon picked up on in Europe by DJ’s and dance goers with “Strangers” an early release by the project making No11 on music weeks pop chart, and “Forever” making no No22. More success followed for the project with “Nana” making No1 on ITunes and Will Robinson’s song and video about Thailand “Thailand Amazing Thailand” that went viral with 70,000 shares and over 100,000 likes. This unique and extremely well received video by “Will” captured the hearts of the Thai public with features of beautiful parts of Thailand.

There are eleven tracks on the album, ten are original songs that feature nine vocalists including hit recording vocalist “Errol Reid” of “China Black” and Thailand stars ” Mariam” of “B5” and “Pui Duangpon” from The Voice.
Will Robinson added “It was an experience of a lifetime, one day I was in Yasathon at Bang Fai, the Thai people are very proud people, they inspire me, there’s an infectious spirit of Isan and a wonderful culture”. Lyrics came to mind instantly, melodies flowed, my journey got better and better. ‘Whist I used the International recording voice of “Errol Reid” I was equally excited to discover the local talent, I walked into a bar and heard this singer who accompanied herself so well on piano I decided to take her straight into the studio and record her voice’. “Her name is Prayer Worakan”.

The album “The Spirit of Isan” is released on May 29th on Apple, iTunes, Spotify and other major retail outlets.
Fore more information visit www.theisanproject.com 
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