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Peter Buffett Returns with Inspirational New Single


2016 is history. Now we tend to slip into a reflective gaze on the past year. It’s been one filled with political turmoil, social divide, and a swathe of human-rights offenses and violations. Still, there have been moments of real beauty, too, the legalization of same-sex marriage in the United States and non-violent protesters at the Dakota Access Pipeline won the small but significant victory of having the pipeline construction paused and re-routed away from indigenous lands.

Press release by Two Sheps That Pass

As musician, composer, philanthropist and author Peter Buffett sat reflecting, he was listening to the iconic song “Woodstock” by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. With no small amount of emotion, he decided to record his own version of the song in the context of today’s political and social environment.

Peter covered the song because, in his own words:

“We’re in some sort of echo from the ‘60’s…and times before that… further beyond the Civil War and the American Revolution. Any time people felt unheard and unseen. People are hurting. People are hungry. This does not have to be.

More and more, algorithms are giving us our choices – predicting our future. But an algorithm can only predict the future based on the past. It has no imagination. Just data. Old data.

Our species’ success is built on creativity. Creativity is fed differently… by direct felt experience. This video is about feeling – a spark… a recognition… a motivation… and a physical expression of the possibility of change. Things the soul knows that the classroom can’t teach.

Standing up and feeling solidarity – and the energy that builds when people say, “me, too” – is what is needed now. The current system is failing too many of us. Especially when one realizes that there is no “them.””

“Woodstock” is the first single off an album that will contain both new material from Peter as well as previously-released songs that have been reworked and revamped to be relevant for today’s political climate.

The collection will be called Songs in the Current and is scheduled to be released February 3, 2017. All of these songs were written to give voice to what Peter has seen and his heart has felt in recent years. Over the last decade he has been exposed to people and their stories that have revealed the soul-destroying nature of our systems of finance and government, education and agriculture. Quicksand everywhere. No laws or legislation can give us the hand we need to pull us out. Only a fundamental shift in consciousness can do that. – consciousness that starts with love at the center and builds structures outward from there.

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