Polychromatic Meditations by James Asher, Sandeep Raval & Mike Booth


Polychromatic Meditations sees the joining together of three individuals – James Asher, Sandeep Raval and Mike Booth – each with their own approach to music, creativity and the worlds of alternative culture, philosophy and healing.

James Asher is a recording artist known for his brand of music with worldbeat and chillout flavours, specialising in keyboards and percussion. Sandeep Raval is a virtuosic multi-percussionist and worldbeat artist and has often collaborated with Asher. Raval was the guide for Asher in his Tigers of the Raj album, and also the Drum Travel double album as well as many other joint singles.

Mike Booth is the visionary guide and director of Aura-Soma, and is a mandala painting artist and musical performer on singing bowls, didgeridoo and exotic percussion. Asher and Booth have previously collaborated on albums such as Feet in the Soil, Atlantean Chants, Lemurian Ditties as well as several meditation projects for Aura-Soma. Earlier in 2023 the three met for recording sessions where together they explored the possibilities of what they might create together in the moment for the Polychromatic Meditations idea, which surfaced early on in their sessions.

In between Mike`s busy teaching schedule for Aura-Soma, they found some time to see what might emerge when they joined musical forces. Mike`s Tibetan and crystal singing bowls offer a wealth of very expansive tones, harmonics and textures, many of which have transcendent and multi-dimensional properties. If one then combines these with the infectious and spicy elements of Raval`s tablas, hangdrum and djembe playing and then add the spacy and expansive world of Asher`s keyboards, there is a rich and deep range of music resulting.

There is an expansive and innovative quality to these five tracks as they feel out the extent and range of where their musical journey may go. They are best enjoyed within the context of an unhurried and relaxed listening session, and where they offer an adventurous but highly calming 36 minutes.

For more information and music samples, see Bandcamp.

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