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Richard Dillon – The Land of Nod


If you are looking for a beautiful and heartfelt piano album, you have to check out Richard Dillon’s – “The Land of Nod”.

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Richard Dillon is a Seattle-based pianist and composer who was born in Kathmandu, Nepal. Dillon’s earliest musical memory is of sitting on his mother’s lap as a child while she played piano and sang to him. He began piano lessons in elementary school, after a neighbor’s young son started taking piano lessons. He continued taking piano lessons through high school and later attended four different colleges where he earned A.A., B.A. and three M.A. degrees, with three of them being in music.

Enjoy “Looking Glass River” by Richard Dillon:

Dillon attended Cal State Long Beach during the era that The Carpenters were famous Dillon auditioned and was not only accepted into the Frank Pooler choir, – the same choir that The Carpenters had been in – but had the opportunity of singing back-up vocals with the band on a few occasions. While in college, Dillon traveled and performed in USO shows as a vocalist and keyboard player, giving him the opportunity to visit Hawaii, Guam, Philippines, Thailand, Australia and Vietnam.

About four years ago Dillon began composing solo piano music after having listened to New Age music on Pandora Radio and realizing that he could compose and play that style of music as well. His own musical style ranges from neo-impressionist to Celtic. Every composition is different, as he simply sits down, begins playing, and allows the music to happen. His current work includes a song with the sounds of antique mining equipment and dueling violins.

Having been faced with challenges early on, Dillon was born with autism and ADHD tendencies, which made both school and relationships difficult. However, the company of his baby grand piano helped him though his struggles and in overcoming his difficulties. Growing up in a household where his father did not allow him to listen to a lot of music, Dillon discovered The Beatles after his parents divorced, and still remembers the joy he felt when he heard his first stereo record.

Among some of Dillon’s greatest musical career influences are David Nevue (who also selected Dillon as a Whisperings Solo Piano artist), Joe Bongiorno (who has recorded and mastered most of his albums) and Neil Patton (who has offered much support and encouragement). Although Dillon has recently begun composing music for placement in movie and TV commercials, he also remains ambivalent about the process. He currently plays as part of the worship band at his church. Over the past few years, has been dealing with hand, wrist and arm surgeries. He considers his music as a gift, and hopes that his music inspires others.

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