Rick Sparks – Prayer for Ukraine


New-age pianist and composer Rick Sparks has released a new instrumental single titled Prayer for Ukraine, from his forthcoming album, Speak Peace. All proceeds from the single will be donated to World Vision’s Ukraine relief operation.

In Rick’s words, “Prayer for Ukraine was inspired by the brave people of Ukraine in their courageous defense of freedom. I wanted the song to offer a somber yet beautiful hope for deliverance from the darkness of war.” The picture on the cover is a closeup of a young Ukrainian bride in her beautiful traditional dress holding flowers. The song begins with a cello solo playing the main theme, followed by variations with strings, angelic voices and piano.

Sample the single and find it on your favorite streaming service:

Prayer for Ukraine is available for download and streaming from Amazon, Apple Music/iTunes, Pandora and other major digital outlets. It is the first single from Rick’s forthcoming album, Speak Peace, due for release in June.

For more information and music samples, visit ricksparksmusic.net.

Prayer for Ukraine is now playing on New Age Stars Radio! See our full Rick Sparks coverage here.