Secret Garden – Sacred Night – New Christmas Album Out Soon


On November 13th, Secret Garden has an early Christmas present for us all; A new album called “Sacred Night”. “With the winter drawing near, we hope that at least we can contribute a little with our music and hope it can give some comfort and space in this crazy world,” says Fionnuala Sherry and Rolf Løvland. 

“Over the years so many of you have asked us to create Christmas music and we never did. The timing of tours and other productions never gave that suggestion a real chance,” the duo says.

Today marks the release of the “Sacred Night” single (find it on your favorite streaming service here):

There are seven new songs in total, all original music by Rolf and with lyrics by Rolf and Cathrine, except for one song which is hundreds of years old – ‘I Know a Rose Tree’. It was first recorded in 1998 and revisited it for this album with a new vocal recording and remix.

“As we head into the winter of this strange year, I don’t think any of us thought we would still be immersed in Covid restrictions and lockdowns and having to deal with the everyday anxiety and worry of this virus.  In our Secret Garden world, it feels as if we’ve been restricted and locked down for over 2 years with Fionnuala’s breast cancer treatment merging straight into Covid. So even to our surprise during these lockdown months of Covid, our new and first Christmas album has emerged. With our wonderful singer Cathrine Iversen, who has sung and recorded with us for many years, we are thrilled to be presenting this album to you all …”

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