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Shoshana Michel – Impressions


The music from “Impressions” by Shoshana Michel was born out of reflection and inspiration. Some of the compositions from this album reflect the different emotions, thoughts and feelings that Shoshana has recently experienced, while others were inspired by music and those that composed it; the classical music that she listened to growing up, the New Age solo pianists that she discovered in the early 1990’s, and the contemporary solo, neo-classical and minimalistic pianists that motivate and inspire her today.

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Filled with potent emotions and reflections, Shoshana was inspired to compose “Dancing in the Shadows” after a series of events that she was excluded from that left her feeling left out and alone. She recounts, “When I wrote this piece, in my mind’s eye I could see myself in a room where everything was essentially black and white and dimly lit, and I was wearing a white flowing dress. I could see a door open, and inside this door was a large banquet room, in vibrant color, filled with people sitting at tables, talking to each other and enjoying themselves. I could hear the music coming out of this room and I danced to the music, alone, in my flowing white dress, in the shadows. This is probably my most favorite piece and the most meaningful to me from this album.”

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From the light hearted “Summer into Fall” to the somber “Elegy” and nostalgic “Long Ago and Far Away” Shoshana beautifully captures the deep breadth of human experience and emotions.

For more information and music samples, visit shoshanamusic.com