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Spheric Music Presents Anniversary Sampler



No, they are not Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk or Vangelis. But Spheric Music celebrates its 25th birthday by presenting again a precious, high-quality electronic sampler with unreleased jewels of Spheric Music artists as well as 2 rare bonus tracks by Joel Fajerman and Klaus Schulze.

The opener by Joel Fajerman, known for his french film music, is a rare track of his archive, which is the debut for Joel Fajerman on Spheric Music (a further release is scheduled). Also a rare gem came by Klaus Schulze. It is a honour to have him on board with „The Breeze“, a title long time go released on the “Contemporary Works 1” Box (out of stock for a long time).

Sample the album here:

The CD ends with the earworm “Silver” by label owner Lambert.

The album is characterized by melodic electronics, rhythmic-pulsating tracks, harmonic sounds, melancholy atmospheres and traditional Berlin School titles.

The featured artists are known for: Joel Fajerman (L’aventure des plantes / the secret life of the plants), Robert Schroeder (Cygnus-A), Klangwelt (Weltweit), Axess (Pyramid Peak), Vanderson (Vandisphere), Rudolf Heimann (Touch The Sky), Mesmerised (Palantir – Empire Of Illusions), Bertrand Loreau (Le Pays Blanc, From Past To Past), Klaus Schulze (Mirage, Moondawn etc), Lambert (Light Sky, Drachenreise). It is a real treasure box, full of musically shimmering jewels.

1. Joel Fajerman – Late Evening 3:28
2. Robert Schroeder – AtmoSPHERIC 6:30
3. Klangwelt – Starlight 7:52
4. Axess – Edison’s Legacy 9:57
5. Vanderson – Ambient Garden 5:25
6. Rudolf Heimann – In hellem Blau 5:26
7. Mesmerised – Room Caught in a State of Longing 4:12
8. Bertrand Loreau – Art of the Sound Part 3 6:48
9. Klaus Schulze – The Breeze 5:30
10. Lambert – Silver 4:20

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