The Great Northern – Nocturnes


“The Great Northern” is an instrumental music project from the mind of Nashville producer/composer, Ben Jackson. The Great Northern’s debut album, “Nocturnes,” as the title suggests, is meant to evoke feelings of calm, serenity, mystery, and wonder, often felt during one’s experiences at night.

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Drawing from both cinematic and electronic influences, “The Great Northern” uses analog synthesizers as the primary orchestration for “Nocturnes” comprised of rich, warm, dark sounds, often wrapped in larger-than-life ambient effects.

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Most of the parts were performed live and expressively, allowing the synthesizers to blend seamlessly with the accompanying organic instrumentation of pianos, strings, and percussion. The album takes the listener on a calm, soothing journey through the night and culminates with the sunrise at the conclusion of the album.

For more information, see The Great Northern’s Bandcamp page.