Astral Flowers – Cantos das Profundezas


In our hectic modern world, we seem to have lost the ability to perceive magic. It demands a specific sensibility that was driven away by technology and a belief that science can explain everything. This is one of the reasons Astral Flowers’ sophomore album “Cantos das Profundezas” feels like such a breath of fresh air. It urges us to “dive into the deep” and witness how fast science (and perhaps even reality self) loses its ability to answer fundamental questions. Why are we here? What is the profound meaning of life? “Cantos das Profundezas” confirms that Astral Flowers is one of the most promising and unique world/New Age music bands out there.

Txai Fernando and Bastiaan Kamãvena are the founding members of Astral Flowers. Their sound is formed by sacred indigenous chants, ancient melodies, hymns, and circle songs. The band debuted in 2018 with the album “New Paradigm”. Their music is released by Nixi Music. On “Cantos das Profundezas” we also get to hear Ayla Schafer and Diego Francisco. The album artwork is by Marleen Lewis.

Cantos das Profundezas
The title song is both welcoming and intriguing. It lures the listener to follow – and before we even realize it, we are spiritually and mentally invested in the music. “Cantos das Profundezas” is almost 12 minutes long and quite intricate, but its meditative vibe makes it enjoyable from the first listen. I especially like the vocals and how they make the deep seem less dark. Its atmosphere is something we recognize with our soul; The night is dark and filled with dangers, yet in this good company, we have nothing to fear.

“Aguila” is perhaps the most delicate song on the album. The wonderful melody is a winner from start to finish; don’t be surprised if you find yourself humming along. The guitars and percussion, plus the inspired singing, create an atmosphere that can be described as high flying – like the eagle in the title. It is a wonderful tribute to this majestic animal. I love the flute; It is such a grounding instrument, it connects us to nature.

Espiritu del Auga
Telling myths and legends are an important part of Astral Flower’s mission. On “Espiritu delivered Auga”, the spirits are very close. The song’s build-up is slow, but it is well worth the wait. The guitars are remarkable. “Oxum Menininha” is a cute and cheerful song. Its joyous vibe is impossible not to like.

“Cantos das Profundezas” seems to be born under a lucky star, and “Santa Estrela” is no exception. The album seems to go straight to the most profound elements of human existence; the sun, the moon (as seen on the cover), the stars – and the “answers deep inside” – as heard on “Fumaça das Mães”.

Closer to the end, a wind of change is blowing: first “Viento Puro” and then the album-closing “Howling Wind” – with the Dutch “Wonderschoon” in the middle. At this stage, it is tempting to ask why these fine songs are hidden so late on the album; they are wonderschoon! The great thing about “Howling Wind” is that it sums up Astral Flowers’ mission – to gather the “circle of cosmic friends” on this unique voyage called life.

In conclusion: “Cantos das Profundezas” is the rock-solid second album by Astral Flowers. Its genre is hard to pinpoint, but its welcoming and easygoing atmosphere is something everyone will pick up on. There is a language barrier here if you don’t speak Spanish – but there are English lyrics that will help you along. If you start with “Howling Wind”, you will have an idea of what the rest is all about.

The important thing is to feel rather than decipher, kick back and enjoy the band’s company. When you do, a playlist without Astral Flowers will feel empty. Indeed, their chants may come from the depths, but to me, they sing like angels.

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