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Audio Jacks – Elemental Balance Review


Rarely have I encountered music that matches a cover artwork better than Audio Jacks’ “Elemental Balance”. It is extremely visual, making that gray and dramatic landscape come to life before our inner eye. Audio Jacks’ soundscape is rich and expressive. Just as important as the ambient melodies are the textures and sound effects. “Elemental Balance” is a different kind of meditation album with surprising twists and turns. It might not be labeled easy listening, but true to its name each piece offers a unique view of what being in balance truly means.

Audio Jacks is a music project by Jo Jo from Massachusetts. He produces within multiple genres, from movie soundtracks, TV advertisements, Hip Hop, Dance, House, Reggaeton, R&B, and orchestral. His latest singles releases are “Every Melody (Extended Mix)” and “When You Were Born”. “Elemental Balance” is Jo Jo’s debut album in the New Age music genre.

The Waters
The album opener is called “The Waters”. It starts with happy-sounding chords, rich pads, and some gorgeous textures. Then enters a female opera singer enters the stage; It is a breathtakingly beautiful segment. Then all the elements merge into a powerful unity which lays the foundation for the Vangelis-like conclusion. The splendid and well-made opener sets the atmosphere for the whole album.

The introduction to “Paso Vida” is quite dark. But that is only the beginning. Out of the shadows rises a melody that seems to drive away the darkness, featuring opera and a hard-hitting piano. It is impossible not to be moved by the larger-than-life atmosphere. “Aliento” continues where “Paso Vida” left off, inviting the listener into an audio landscape that feels both friendly and hostile at the same time. It is all in the balance.

“Begin” feels like a breath of fresh air. The light and uncomplicated melody instantly strike a chord in our hearts. It seems to say that this is not a time to worry; everything has been taken care of and you can relax, breathe and simply be. The build-up is magnificent and inspired. “Begin” is my favorite piece on “Elemental Balance”, it feels like the beginning of something big!

Now the album changes its course. “Dimension” is a sound effect dreamland, although some of the samples are quite sharp. Somewhere in the background, we hear a light piano melody and the rhythm from “Begin”. It is, in short, a fascinating dimension of music. It is perhaps not a place you want to stay for long, but the sound design is terrific; it is a remarkable futuristic sphere. “Consent” is an ambient jewel that shows Audio Jacks’ ability to create interesting and engaging melodies.

“Relief” is meditative with some very nice textures in the background. I like how it develops; it flows like water, natural and determined. Relief is one of the best feelings of all, and Audio Jacks does a fine job in transforming it into music that can be enjoyed again and again. If you are looking for material for your meditation playlist, look no further; “Contemplation” is what you need. I like the rhythmic elements and the fact that the sound is not too soft either. After all, no contemplation is without some sort of resistance. The 6 minutes it takes to listen to this piece seem to fly. If you put it on replay, it is a soundscape you can spend your day in.

“Serenidad” could have been an EP in its own right. It sums up everything that’s great about “Elemental Balance”; the sound effects, the inspired melodies, and even some angelic opera singing! The way the track develops is phenomenal; like a good novel, you have no idea where this is going to end.

Audio Jacks has saved two of the finest pieces for last: “Tuned” and “Circle”. “Tuned” has gorgeous ambient harmonies. The way it creates “a room of sound” is stunning. “Circle” is the joyous album closer. Still, Audio Jacks has no intention of making it all soft and rose red; the intro is filled with shadows before a gentle piano starts playing – and you just know that “Circle” will end on a high note.

In conclusion: “Elemental Balance” by Audio Jacks offers a complex and rich listening experience, ideal for meditation, relaxation, or creative work. It might sound a bit sharp on the first listen, but as soon as you have adjusted your ears you will see that “Elemental Balance” truly is a treasure chest of sounds and expressive melodies. Pieces like “The Waters”, “Begin” and “Circle” fit beautifully in any meditation playlist – taking our minds to a realm where the elements always are in complete balance.

For more information and music samples, visit audiojacksmusic.com