Charleene Closshey – ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower Review


Thanks to science, we can now hear – and even feel – the sounds of distant planets and deep space. Charleene Closshey’s new release ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower is an incredible introduction to each planet’s unique characteristics and vibrations, while also showing how we can benefit from “tuning in” to the universe. I’m deeply impressed by the arrangement, and how it effortlessly connects even the smallest of cells with planets and creation itself. Indeed, after listening, you will never think about space as a dead and dark place. That is a major accomplishment!

Charleene Closshey is a classically-trained multi-instrumentalist, award-winning composer, vocalist, actress, and author. Audiences worldwide know her for her roles in films and on Broadway, her uplifting vocals and music. Her most recent albums are Talk About Love (2018), Christmas Time Is Here (2019) and An Evergreen Christmas (2020). In 2023, she will release an album called Only Love Remains, an Americana Crossover Vocal Album. Closshey is a voting Grammy® member, certified Primordial Sound Meditation guide, Mantra Chikitsa therapist and 200 RYT yoga instructor. ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower won the 2022 Hollywood Music in Media Awards (Best Ambient/New Age song, “Jupiter”). It was also featured on the app UpTime, where users ‘get smarter in 5 minutes’.

On Closshey’s homepage, we can read the following description about ALIGNED: “Science now shows specific extremely low frequencies (ELFs) stimulate the body’s longest cranial nerve – the vagus nerve – calming anxiety by lowering blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing thereby improving overall mental health. Other ELFs directly activate and enliven red blood cells, promoting circulatory health and healing. Certain low frequencies (40 hertz) can relieve chronic pain. Binaural beats enable our brainwaves to achieve specific states, including alpha (calming) and theta (deep meditative) wave patterns. Spiritually oriented chants reinvigorate red blood cells, boost increased mental alertness while simultaneously relaxing the body, and even possibly protect the brain from harmful cellular EMFs. Vibrational medicine is the frontier of integrative healing. ALIGNED tracks are specifically crafted to hold these healing frequencies, and more.” To further clarify, here is a presentation of ALIGNED by the artist:

The first planet out on ALIGNED is, of course, the Sun. Closshey presents the life-giving and mythical star in an awe-inspiring way. The 12 minutes long meditation starts with vocalization, synth strings and textures with healing qualities. Fragments of an ambient melody comes and goes, and it is easy to sense that each note represents radiating energy and light. Then we hear Closshey’s wonderful voice repeating the Sun’s planetary mantra. It is a wonderful, inspiring and timeless soundscape. That said, it is not easy listening. It demands something from you; you have to open your mind and heart – but when you do, you will be rewarded.

Next out is Mercury, the smallest planet in our solar system and the fastest to go around the sun. Named after the Roman messenger god, the sense of speed is also easy to sense on the track. There is also, naturally, a warm and inviting sound.

There are four different versions available: 

Venus is perhaps the finest song on the album. Closshey’s mantras and vocalization brings the planet of love and beauty to life. The listener will feel its effects on a deep and spiritual level. It radiates love. Mars has something else to offer: determination and motivation. This piece emits raw strength. It is a highly stimulating mix.

Further out in the universe, and on the album, is Jupiter – the largest of the planets in our part of the galaxy. As god of sky and thunder, Jupiter rules over life and death. The ambient melody is breathtaking and the listener can sense the planet’s size and power. Saturn is a more thoughtful piece. The sound and expression of the music manifest its mythological connection with time, renewal, and liberation, as it relates to Saturn’s significance. When we arrive at Uranus, the feeling of being far from home sets in. Uranus has always been associated with the sky, which explains the floating feeling. It is very relaxing and dreamy.

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On Neptune, we are under sea – or the space equivalent of a sea. It feels both alien and known at the same time. Closshey’s soothing whispering is our only reference. In mythology, Pluto is associated with the afterlife, hence the darkness on the track named Pluto. It is a ghostly yet not completely unknown place – we have known about it since the 1840s. That changes when the sounds of the mysterious dwarf planet Sedna comes on. We are now entering a territory far away from home. That said, everyday problems fade away when meditating on such a distant place. There is a lot of healing in that. Last out is Deep Space. It feels immense, timeless and beautiful in a spacey and dreamy way. Thanks to the James Webb Space Telescope, we have seen a lot of fantastic and colorful imagery lately – and Deep Space further refines the idea of what’s out there.

In conclusion: Nikola Tesla said: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibrations.” Listening to Charleene Closshey’s ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower, many such secrets, especially about the planets, seem to be revealed. It is up to the listener to decipher their meaning. ALIGNED offers a profoundly fascinating and rewarding listening experience.

It feels natural to meditate on the mentioned planets while listening to the album – especially since it gives interesting perspectives on the Sun, Venus, Mars and so on – but it is not strictly necessary. Each piece is a terrific meditation tool in its own right. Closshey’s singing and vocalization is a fantastic guide throughout the program.

We all know, consciously or subconsciously, the importance of being aligned with the universe. But for many, this is hard to understand. ALIGNED: A Planetary Mantra & Gong Shower makes it much more approachable. Just press play and the rest will fall into place.

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