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Musical Spa – Meditation Music 4 Review


At first, the works of Musical Spa may seem uncomplicated and straightforward. But it doesn’t take long before you realize that each piece is like a chapter, filled with gently told stories of love, kindness, and firm belief that the key to a good life is balance. It is deeply inspiring and possibly life-changing. Mindfulness is an important topic in the fourth installment of the Meditation Music series, letting the listener feel the magic of being present in the moment without judgment. It leaves you feeling peaceful and complete – with a deep sense of gratitude to the Musical Spa project for showing you the way.

Musical Spa is a project by Ivan Valles, a Billboard best-selling music producer and engineer. Ivan has been a musician most of his life. In 2002 he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Berklee College Of Music and has worked on his brand, Musical Spa for over a decade now and has helped bring healing, relaxation, and peace to many. Fans may follow Valles’ blogposts on Musicalspa.com, where you also can find similar music by other artists.

Albums in this series are long, which makes them ideal for long meditation sessions. The “Meditation Music 4” album opener is called “Sunrise”. The sounds of the rich synth pads are instantly relaxing, and the strings add to this effect. The main instrument is a wonderful sounding flute, that captures the beauty of a sunrise splendidly. I very much like the second lead instrument, a synth that sounds like a string instrument. “Sunrise” is a terrific and welcoming album opener. I did not know that 10 minutes could pass so quickly.

Breathing slowly is perhaps the most essential part of any meditation, and the next piece is simply called “Breathe”. Notice the delicate synths; it is as if we can see the oxygen flowing through the body. The ambient melody is lovely. “Inner Balance” is another interesting piece. It contains a powerful and rich sounding organ. Simply by listening, that important sense of balance seems to be within reach. Indeed, by listening you are finding it. The conclusion is triumphant.

Now the focus changes. We suddenly find ourselves in an enchanted garden, admiring beautiful lotus flowers. It is a cool and relaxing piece, with only a few different chords and some delicate effects. It is all Valles needs to paint a wonderful picture of a lotus garden in bloom, with a nice touch of Eastern mystique. “Mindfulness” is a magnificent piece! Notice the soft sounds of nature in the background, including birds. It is so relaxing and tranquil.

At this stage, you might think that “Meditation Music 4” is all soft and uncomplicated, but that is not entirely true. “Searching for Paradise” is a surprisingly dark piece. Or, the harp melody seems light and friendly – but the soundscape is vast and borderline hostile. It is an incredibly interesting piece, showcasing Valles’ skills as a music producer. If you need contrasts in your meditation session, look no further. Also notice the piano piece “Into the Light”, which has some of the same effects.

Four of the tracks on “Meditation Music 4” may play as stand-alone EPs; “Reflections”, “Namaste”, “Ocean Dreams” and “Warm Embrace”. Each offers a unique musical landscape to explore, all over 10 minutes long. “Reflections” has a colorful pluck synth, while “Namaste” has an ambient guitar and analogue strings. “Ocean Dreams” takes our soul for a swim. The album closer “Warm Embrace” is like a meditation music tour-de-force, featuring a larger-than-life atmosphere dedicated to the power of love and intimacy. It is hands down a masterpiece!

In conclusion: I believe the reason why the material of Musical Spa feels like such a breath of fresh air is that it feels so honest. We have all encountered series of uninspired meditation music, created in a haste by someone whose only mission is to cash in on the genre. Musical Spa is entirely different and real, and the listener can feel it. Ivan Valles uncompromising approach to music reminds me of Chuck Wild/Liquid Mind. It is not just music; it is storytelling on a grand scale.

“Meditation Music 4” is a great addition to the series, which I believe only gets better and better. Just like Wild, Valles keeps on pushing synth technology to the max on each new album. I wholeheartedly recommend “Meditation Music 4”, which in the current social and political climate is needed more now than ever. Feel free to start with the fourth album in the series now, and explore the other albums later.

For more information and music samples, visit musicalspa.com