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Fiona Joy Hawkins NFT


When new technology comes along, it is always exciting to see if there is a possible “New Age music” spin on it – and now the time has come to NFT (non-fungible token). “We have all be hearing about NFTs non stop – so why not try it out?” says Fiona Joy Hawkins.

In her newsletter, she writes: “My son said ‘be careful Mum, it’s the wild west and anything could happen… people lose their money, get their computer hacked or just spend a lot of time achieving nothing.’ Finally, after weeks of pondering (and reading) I put up my first NFT and discovered entering this market not for the faint hearted. I have no idea if this will work but I’ll learn and refine as I go…”

Blue Dream is one of my most famous songs but no-one has heard the unmixed version where the strings are louder and the layers are quite different to the version you hear released to the mass market. This is an early file and only one buyer will have access to hear this NFT. Access is via a dropbox folder with both the unmixed version and the final released version (for comparison) as both mp3 and WAV. Note the unmixed version is not mastered so will sound considerably softer.”

The Blue Dream NFT is available here.

What do you think? Will NFT be “the next big thing” in New Age music too?

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