Milana Zilnik – Distant Memories


Distant Memories is the new EP by Milana Zilnik. “Someone once said that symphonic orchestra is the most sophisticated musical instrument humanity ever invented,” she says. “And I always felt like this is an ultimate challenge for a composer to write music for such a giant. I started my first shy attempts to compose orchestral music a few years ago. Of course, at that time it was all done using digital libraries. I did dream that one day I may experience the thrill of hearing a live orchestra performing my compositions but that was truly an ephemeral dream, no actual plans to do it. Until now.”

Distant Memories is performed by Budapest Scoring Orchestra and Zilnik on piano.

“I called this piece “Distant Memories”. It was written during one of the lockdowns when I was on the edge of breaking down,” continues Zilnik. “I devoted it to my mom, who lives on the other side of Atlantic but she used to come here every year.. until 2020.. and then 2021.. I hope we will see each other next year. But meanwhile, all we have are those “distant memories.”

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“This summer my husband and I took a composing course (focusing on film composing). As a part of that course, I had a homework: to compose a piece for a string orchestra. I chose the solo piano piece I wrote earlier this year as a foundation. It took a few evenings to come up with the orchestral arrangement – again, using digital libraries… at first! But then my husband said that he feels like this piece deserves to be recorded with live orchestra. And so it happened – two months ago we hired a session orchestra from Budapest. We only had half an hour session to record 2.5 minutes of this composition. Gosh, it was such an amazing experience! When I heard 40 musicians playing the harmony I burst into tears.”

Distant Memories is available on Bandcamp.

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