Richard Zelada – Oneironautics


Today marks the release of Richard Zelada’s new album Oneironautics. The album is about an Oneironaut who jumped from dreams to dreams trying to find a light that would guide him through his life and his journey to become one with his inner self.

During the oneironaut’s journey, he discovers that the dreams he has been jumping through have become his reality and the light he has been looking for has always been masked by darkness. Once he became aware of his obstacles, his reality shifted and now, he finds himself stuck between two worlds but with a clear understanding of who he really is.

Sample the album and find it on your favorite streaming service:

Tidal link

A few words from Richard Zelada: 

“My name is Richard Zelada, and I am a creator of sounds. My goal is to push music boundaries and remind everyone originality still exists. When creating my pieces, I make sure to be as free as possible so each of them can have their own identity. I believe music should come from the soul and not have limitations on them. My music is for those who dare to venture outside of the normal formula and those who love true musical art.

I truly appreciate all the listeners and hope Oneironautics can be as meaningful to everyone as it was to me.”

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