Ed Bazel – The London Sessions


Award-winning pianist Ed Bazel announces his new release The London Sessions: Reflections From Studio 2. It is a collection of 12 soothing, romantic melodies recorded in June 2022 at Abbey Road Studios’ famed Studio 2, including two unforgettable covers of The Beatles’ songs Yesterday and In My Life.

By Beth Hilton –  The B Company

On recording at Abbey Road Studios in London, Bazel says, “It was prolific. Walking down those stairs to Studio 2, I thought of the many greats who have walked before me: The Beatles. Pink Floyd. Adele. Ed Sheeran. Breathing in the vibrations of this big huge studio. Seeing this Steinway concert grand piano they set up for me in the exact footprint in that back left corner of the studio where the Beatles set up for their recordings. Playing my songs and recording, I felt this is where I belong. I am beyond thankful for having this opportunity.”

Reflections of Bazel’s past are carried throughout his melodies with titles of Mountain Serenity, Old Friends, I Will Think of You, Passages, and others. Listeners will hear what Bazel describes as “simple, but elegant” songs that reflect the depth of his emotions experienced in Studio 2. He honors not only the music legends who came before him, but also those who lifted him up and supported him along the way: his parents and piano teachers.

Bazel’s piano playing started at age 5 in Huntington, West Virginia, where his parents forced him to take piano lessons. A lifelong fan of the Beatles, he recalls at age 7 being mesmerized in front of his family’s living room TV when he watched The Fab Four make their first appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show. He has followed musical path as a solo contemporary pianist performing at events around the world, as well as a veteran event producer and founder of The River of Calm, an online radio station of healing music.

Along the way, Bazel placed recording at Abbey Road Studios high up on his “Vision Board,” a laminated bulletin board of bucket-list goals, hanging prominently in his office. This vision has now been fulfilled.

You may order the album here: edbazel.hearnow.com

For more information and music samples, visit edbazel.com.

The London Sessions is now playing on New Age Stars Radio!