Christopher Caouette – Tale of the Oakenwish


The new album by Christopher Caouette is called Tale of the Oakenwish. It is the story of Kisyra Cedarsong, a lone elf whose people have been oppressed by evil rulers that invaded their lands generations ago. The only escape from their toil was the stories shared amongst their kind.

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One of these stories was of an ancient bow that was said whoever possessed it would achieve their heart’s desire, but it would come at a significant cost, for it was made by the Fae.

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While cleaning out an old barn, Kisyra discovered a small box under a broken floorboard hidden ages ago by some long-forgotten traveler. It spoke of the bow named the Oakenwish and revealed that to seek the bow, one must travel to the forest of Mist and gain the favor of the Fae.

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