Christel Veraart – Pleiades


Tomorrow, on November 17, award-winning composer and singer Christel Veraart will release Pleiades, her tenth album. Composed and recorded at her studio in Sedona, where she moved in 2019, the composer gives voice to messages these sisters whispered into the spheres, as a shaman might converse with their spirit world. In tongues unknown to all, she reminds us of the universal; – when tribulations are perceived as gifts, magic may happen.

Throughout history, people from all corners of the globe have woven into myths their fascination with the famous star cluster known as the Pleiades. The legends surrounding these stars have had an enormous influence on the human psyche and the collective awareness of our place in the cosmos. They continue to charm and fascinate to this day. The Pleiades, also known as the seven sisters, have guided and inspired multitudes of travelers and sailors on their journeys across the lands and seas while in search of adventure and their destinies.

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Christel finds the core of her inspiration in the many cultures she has experienced while living and working in various parts of the world. Her music has featured internationally in film, dance and stage productions, and was broadcast on acclaimed US radio programs Hearts of Space, Night Tides, and UK’s Harborough FM. Christel’s compositions range from solo and small ensemble to large orchestra, drawing on a wide variety of musical and cultural influences. Her music is described as ambient, meditative, avant-garde classical.

Christel’s musical influences are eclectic and reflect a wide variety of musical styles. From ambient to latin, from classical to jazz, from minimal to world music. Increasingly she is drawn to space music, a sub-genre of ambient music that focuses on texture rather than formal compositional schemes. Her previous album

Lotus Dreams first hinted towards that style, and Pleiades is a continuation in that direction. Various other places in the world continue to call at different times, so what to expect next is still very much up to the stars…

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