Eamonn Karran – The Edge


“You learn the most when you are out on the edge,” American mountaineer Jim Whittaker said. Listening to The Edge by Eamonn Karran, which will be released as a part of myndstream’s Summer Song Flight on Friday, we experience how it feels standing at the top of the world. The feeling is both frightening and liberating. Eamonn Karran has delivered a phenomenal piece that takes your imagination on a ride that is both philosophical and existential in nature. It is also a fantastic introduction to myndstream’s Summer Song Flight!

Eamonn Karran debuted as a New Age music artist in 2014 with Distant Sun (if you don’t know his back-story, I suggest reading his Real Music profile). He has since then become a beloved artist in our genre and is known for his great piano-based melodies. His most recent releases are I’ll Be With You (2018) and Deep Heart’s Cove.

Here Eamonn Karran presents The Edge:

Karran also writes:
The Edge is a composition shaped around grief and loss, a reflection of one of our most painful emotions. It depicts despair but also hope, interweaving shades of darkness and light through soft piano melodies and sweeping synth textures…”

The moment you hit play on The Edge, you will sense height and perhaps even a flying sensation. The gentle piano slowly builds the foundation for an ambient melody backed by strings. As Karran writes above, this piece is created in the crossing point between deep loss and a stubborn willingness to live.

The Edge is a three-part track. The first is a soft-spoken build-up before the piece takes off with several flutes, a heavenly female vocal, and even bagpipes! It is a stunning and powerful mix that leaves me breathless every time I listen to it. The last part is the positive and warm conclusion, where the edge has lost most of its sting. It is still painful, but it is possible to move on. The feeling of impending doom has gone, and the edge is no longer leading into the abyss – but up! Bravo!

myndstream’s Summer Song Flight
myndstream’s Summer Song Flight consists of six tracks. Though they are being released separately, they are all part of the same body of work that is myndstream’s first Summer Song Flight. It offers a radical and refreshing twist on the old album/single perspective. When you get to know the release, you will see that a new way of releasing music takes shape. It is a concept where every track counts even more than before, both as a part and a whole.