Exclusive Video Premiere: Chakuna Machi Asa – Auroral Magic


A soft glow appears in the Eastern sky at the end of a night of the Northern lights, Aurora Borealis, marking the new dawn. That special moment is captured in “Auroral Magic”, an innovative new album of piano, vocals, chant, and chill, with a touch of guitar and strings by Chakuna Machi Asa. In this new work, Chakuna taps into her gifts to bridge the gap between modern culture and the ancient ancestors, and shares it with all to inspire personal transformation.

Today we bring you an exclusive video premiere of the title track! See it below. “Auroral Magic” will be released tomorrow. 

Press release by Beth Hilton, The B Company

Chakuna released her first album, Activation Sounds: Ancient Chakra Healing Chants in 2013, and Moon Eye: Ancient Healing Sounds in 2014, followed by a single, Pachamama in 2015, and in 2021, an EP with three tracks, The Gift, followed by a single, Ambient Meditation.

In a new interview with music journalist Robin James, found on Ello, Chakuna talked about her songcraft. “My intention as an artist is to help open you up to a new experience of the multidimensional reality of human existence,” she shares. “I always set my intention that any songs I create are healing for the listener. Overall, I am striving to evoke or call upon a more peaceful vibe in your mind, body, heart and soul.”

Mini review
Listeners to “Auroral Magic” will hear Chakuna’s calming chants, piano, and peaceful nature sounds; her prayer to the ancestors, cantillating Elven spirits, a dream voyage to a distant planet, and in the track “The Wind” (6:40), she brings together the sound of wind chimes, piano, synthesizer winds, vocal sounds, and breath. “Time Womb” (5:45) has a complicated and thought-inspiring title, with piano and strings, the synthesizer swells within; gestation is a long slow process, the mother gives her love and light as she nurtures the growing new life. “Our Escape” (7:46) features a piano at the foundation, accompanied by a synthesizer, very delicate, with vocal growls and low intonations, an adventure traversing unknown places of danger and uncertainty, she explains, “we can evolve, or rather escape from our collective suffering.” The title track closes the album, “Auroral Magic” (4:51), with full synthesizers, bells, wind chimes, piano, sometimes shimmering, a haunting melody, one might think of exquisite crystals, the dawn, and a new beginning.

In addition to her music, she also offers video teachings, high vibe energy healing tools, crystals, handmade wands, and jewelry to encourage us as individuals to explore our spiritual energy, to get in touch with our authentic self, and to help us to add a spark of inspirational magic into our everyday life. Chakuna has over 36,000 fans/followers on Instagram, where she shares her crystal wisdom and sells specialty crystal products.

Follow Chakuna on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/crystalsomchakras/

Stay tuned for the New Age Music Guide album release feature tomorrow!