Gentry Bronson – Environments


Gentry Bronson releases his new album this November 13 titled “Environments”. This ambient, Neo-Classical, New Age album of solo piano compositions was inspired by his experiences living and traveling throughout parts of the world. Each piece represents a different geographic environment.

It will be released digitally on music download sites such as iTunes, and it will be available for streaming on sites such as Spotify. It is available for pre-order now on Amazonwhere you can sample the album today!

Written and recorded in New Orleans, this is Bronson’s 8th full length album under his name or with his bands. He has also released 3 EPs and many singles over the last 17 years, but this is his first new release in over 5 years.

Born in Bemidji, Minnesota and named by his parents after a hitchhiker, Bronson won five MMTA awards as a child, then three NCSA awards as a songwriter in San Francisco. He did concert tours in Europe seven times from 2006 to 2014 along with concerts all around the U.S. and in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera region.

He has been featured on videos with VH1 hip hop artist John Brown, opened for Ray Manzarek (of The Doors), sung the National Anthem at Oakland Coliseum and was a featured artist on NL Radio 2 in The Netherlands for the Dutch song adaptation “Avond”.

His releases have varied from alternative to ambient instrumental, pop to punk, and blues to singer-songwriter. After he relocated to New Orleans in 2017, he embraced his roots as a solo pianist again.

Artwork for “Environments” was created by artist, photographer and designer Marcy Hooper. It is mixed-media containing paint, photography and wire.

“Environments” is an audio exploration that Bronson wrote to take the listener to different places in their minds. It is intended to soothe, relax and calm, as well take people on an auditory journey to experience wherever they wish to go.

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