Jim Ottaway – Yesterday Passing


On 1 May 2018 Australian electronic musician and composer, Jim Ottaway, released his new melodic electronic album YESTERDAY PASSING. It is Jim’s 12th international release.

Jim says “YESTERDAY PASSING reflects my thoughts and feelings about my life, particularly the early years”. The liner notes indicates the importance of family and friends in his life, through the fun times and the sad occasions, and the simplicity of older times.

Jim uses various synthesizers and acoustic sounds to capture his feelings and emotions.
While Jim’s last four albums… DEEP SPACE BLUE, TIMELESS e-MOTION, SOUTHERN CROSS and INVISIBLE VORTEX have received nominations in world-wide music awards, including an ‘Album of the Year’ nomination for DEEP SPACE BLUE at this year’s Zone Music Reporter Awards, this album ventures into different territory to Jim’s recent releases in that there is more of a focus on beautiful melodies and acoustic instrument sounds such as piano, electric piano, muted trumpet and strings along with his trademark synth and ambient sounds.

YESTERDAY PASSING contains 14 tracks including the very cool ‘Lightning Strikes Twice’ and the jazzy ‘Fun Times’. The last track on the album is the bonus track ‘Another Christmas Eve’ which is re-mixed from Jim’s 2016 mini album/CD single release. Each track beautifully captures Jim’s feelings about his life experiences and his family and friends who have graced his life.

Jim composed and recorded YESTERDAY PASSING at his Gold Coast, Australia home studio which is situated at the foothills of the beautiful Springbrook Mountain.

To find out more about Jim and his music, visit his website: www.jimottaway.com
YESTERDAY PASSING can be purchased from numerous outlets, including:

CD Baby:
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/music/album/Jim_Ottaway_Yesterday_Passing?id=Bjvjwxsr6nmredgbqau6bkffetu

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