John Adorney – The Touch•Stone


John Adorney will soon be releasing a new album called “The Touch•Stone”, featuring 13 all-new instrumental tracks. 

In John’s own words:

“This album is the third installment of the “Toward a Gentle Place” series, so the tracks are sequenced to “meet you where you are,” then guide you piece by piece to a more relaxed, comforted state.”

“I am currently running a crowd-funding campaign to help raise the funds needed to finalize the project,” continues John. “There is a page on my website that describes the campaign – and of course, there are gift rewards that are being offered for the different contribution categories.

There are some new gift offers, including an e-book of piano scores for 22 pieces selected from my solo albums (including “The Touch•Stone”), and a video of a 1999 concert I did with a full band at Borders Books & Music in Santa Barbara, California. I invite you to come and check them out!”

Here are reviews of the two previous albums in the “Toward a Gentle Place” series: I & II

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