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Michael Stribling – One World


It would not be hyperbole to state that Michael Stribling’s “One World” represents an ultra-ambitious effort. After all, the artist himself (in the liner notes) states “This album celebrates the unity and diversity of our world community.”

Trying to sum up the world’s multi-hued musical heritages and cultures in a single album takes an artist of deep conviction as well as considerable talent.

Michael Stribling is possessed of both, which will be instantly apparent when you play a few tracks of this amazing recording. By turns energizing and powerful, mysterious and haunting, or vibrant and sensual, “One World” assuredly displays an artist at the pinnacle of his composing and performing skills.

Release date is 20 September 2019 – but you can already now sample the album on leela-music.com


One World 5:14
A Gathering of the Elders 5:43
Shaolin Garden 3:36
Aboriginal Campfire 3:22
Buddhist Nursery 2:49
Barcelona Nights 4:12
Persian Night Caravan 2:24
African Marketplace 3:49
Asian Dawn Maneuvers 3:11
Marching through Manhattan 3:29
Across the Moor 4:48
Black Forest Cuckoo Shop 3:40
Gaia Weeps 3:12
One Planet, One People 4:32
Benediction (Prayer for World Peace) 2:24

Press release by LAZZ Promotions, Ed & Stacey Bonk