Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells The 50th Anniversary


Mike Oldfield presents the 50th-anniversary edition of Tubular Bells, available on 2LP and 1CD from 26 May, 2023. The 50th anniversary edition includes the last-ever recording from Mike heard for the first time; the stunning 8-minute track “Tubular Bells 4 Intro”. In addition, a second album that unites several beguiling versions of Oldfield’s masterwork for the first time.

The 2LP includes the brand-new Abbey Road half-speed master of the original album alongside “Tubular X”, the 1998 recording for the “X-Files” album receiving its first outing on vinyl.

While waiting for the 50th-anniversary edition, here is the original:

Mike Oldfield retired from releasing music in 2018, after giving up touring many years previously. In the months after his last album, Return To Ommadawn in 2017, Oldfield toyed with going the whole way and making a fourth and final instalment of Tubular Bells in time for its 50th anniversary. Work began in earnest, and Mike felt he had finally cracked the secret of being able to successfully return to and rework the opening motif. A fascinating eight-minute taster was sent to his A&R team. And then, nothing. Mike decided against continuing. Five years later, this final paragraph of the Tubular Bells story is being released as part of this 50th-anniversary celebration.

You may pre-order the 50th-anniversary edition of Tubular Bells on any format from recordstore.co.uk

Also, here is the highly recommended BBC documentary about Tubular Bells.