Nicholas Gunn – Pacific Blue


Nicholas Gunn is no stranger to creating music centered around our greatest natural wonders. It’s no surprise then, that on his 20th studio recording, he finds himself immersed in the grandeur that is the great “Pacific Blue”. While a metaphor for self-discovery and exploration, Pacific Blue speaks to the life journey we all find ourselves on. The album will be released on April 24th, 2020.

Press release by Higher Level Media

Framed by several exquisite vocal performances from Alina Renae, Nicholas Gunn’s lyrical and musical style is nothing short of breathtaking, lush and exquisite. With a production value born out of 25 years of experience, this album bobs and weaves through a sonic bed of absolute clarity.

Here is a preview of the song “Fallen” (feat. Alina Renae):

In the below video you can see Gunn in his Los Angeles studio where he discusses the inspiration and purpose behind the new album:

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