Omar Akram – The Light Will Come


“The Light Will Come” is a collection of new compositions by Grammy Award-winning artist Omar Akram inspired by the events and effects of the recent world pandemic. The studio album consists of 10 live solo piano performances recorded throughout 2020. The album features “For George”, a composition dedicated to the memory of George Floyd. 

“The Light Will Come” will be released on 23 April. A pre-order is available now: Amazon & Apple Music.

Here is “The Light Will Come” from Omar’s Music Chamber.

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Track List:

01. The Light Will Come
02. For George
03. Hear My Heart
04. For Merry
05. Waterfall
06. Since I Met You
07. Wish I Could See You
08. Pressing On
09. Caught Dreaming
10. Morning Sun

More about Omar Akram

Omar Akram’s piano-driven, instrumental music elegantly defies borders and has played a crucial role in defining modern New Age and World music. Omar’s first two studio albums, “Opal Fire” (2002) and “Free As A Bird” (2004), charted in the Top 15 on Billboard’s New Age chart. In 2013, Omar became the first Afghan-American to win Best New Age Album for “Echoes Of Love” at the 55th Grammy Awards. That same year, the “Daytime Dreamer” album was released which presented a refreshing and enchanting blend of world, new age, and electronic music. In 2019, Omar returned with “Destiny,” an album produced by legendary Grammy Award-winning songwriter and record producer Walter Afanasieff. The album featured an eighty-piece symphony orchestra conducted by Shardad Rohani.

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