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Paul Avgerinos – Devotion


Grammy-winning artist Paul Avgerinos brings together yoga music all-stars Krishna Das, Donna De Lory, Jai Uttal and Wah!, on this joyful, energetic and spiritual album that will make you want to dance! Move, dance, do yoga, exercise, work, be joyful…all In DEVOTION. Out August 16.

Here are some comments from the artists involved in this project: 

Deepak Chopra: Who said that spirituality needs to be heavy and serious? The songs in DEVOTION will help you to dance through your life in joyful surrender, and that is the essence of true spirituality.

Krishna Das: It was a great pleasure to participate in the recording process on DEVOTION with Paul. It is a blessing to be of service in helping spread the Divine Name in this world.

Wah! Working on the DEVOTION project was a joy. I love when people of different traditions come together to share music! Divine Feminine is so important for this age we live in. Jai Ma!

Donna De Lory: It is a pleasure to be part of this Album, alongside so many of my favorite devotional artists. I loved singing on Jai Jai Ma, singing the many names of the Divine Mother. Since I began recording Mantra music, I have had great experiences working with remixers who bring an electronic ambient feel to my music. I feel it is important to blend Mantra and electronic music together as it gets the Mantra’s and message out to a new (wider) audience.

Jai Uttal: My Guru told us again and again that if we repeat the name RAM the impossible will become possible. I took this to heart and singing these names has been my main practice for close to 50 years. I hope you can feel the presence and love of Sita and Ram in this track called Jaya Ram, and open your heart to their unlimited blessings.

Sample the whole album on roundskymusic.com