Seay – Dream Illumination


Billboard Award-winning recording artist and 3 time Peace Song award recipient SEAY is releasing an immersive single ep and video DREAM ILLUMINATION in 3 listening formats: Dolby Atmos, 3D Binaural, Ultra HD on May 14, 2021. Her goal she says is “to uplift and to inspire listeners to immerse themselves in the light of life, love, the imagination and to rediscover themselves and each other.

Along with the music, Seay is also releasing a video of DREAM in HD created by Award-winning Romanian Filmmaker Andreea Petcu. The single was written, recorded and performed by Seay at her Illumination Studios and mixed with the support of pioneering award-winning engineers Emmy Nominated Jeff Silverman and Grammy Winning, PA Deepak.

Recorded and mixed During Covid, These special listening experiences were created to inspire the listener to thrive and reawaken the heart during these transformative times. Set against the backdrop of the wind and ocean, DREAM ILLUMINATION is filled with layers of otherworldly vocals and solo piano. Released under the Tuscan Sun Music Label, DREAM ILLUMINATION will be distributed by Avid Play, with both the Dolby Atmos and 3D Binaural Versions available on Tidal, Amazon HD, and Pandora. The Ultra High Definition version will be available worldwide digitally through all streaming destinations.

“The world and humanity have been tested the last few years, and somehow we should seek to immerse ourselves in the sacred. the light of life is all around us, there is pain, there is sadness, there is joy, there is beauty, I have lost loved ones to this recent pandemic, but I still believe we should never stop dreaming, imagining, loving, living; Desire and intention create our world and universe. I hope this music will be a healing and awakening experience.”

Seay is no stranger to the world of immersive music. Her debut album SEAY “1 Voice” was mixed 5.1 and supported the launch of XM’s HD Surround alongside Enya, Norah Jones, Ray Charles, Sting. She plans to release a full-length immersive towards the end of 2021. Her continuing goal she says is to create music of the sacred. and to live immersively from a place of light, life, and living.

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