Shunia Video Premiere


Celebrating the transformational power of music, “Sa Re Sa Sa” shines with vocals by chant duo Shunia and beloved Moroccan artist Hassan Hakmoun.

Sweep away the blues and experience the joy as Shunia sings and is joined by musicians and dancers in breathtakingly beautiful outdoor locations!

The “Sa Re Sa Sa” mantra is considered the “gateway” to all the others… It is a foundational mantra to learn. This energizing video of “Sa Re Sa Sa” celebrates the transformative power of God here on earth, opening flow and bringing peace.

Shunia will release their new album on 1.15.21.

What is Shunia?
Through their music, Lisa Reagan and Suzanne Jackson merge the art forms of chant and opera into an exciting new sound. “When we discovered the hidden dimension and power of singing chant music, we wanted to share this profound experience.” .” The ultimate purpose of Shunia is to merge music and mantra in order to bring healing and connection. This practice has the ability to shift energy and create new levels of consciousness.

Shunia’s music has the power to transform, to connect you to the energy within and around you. It can put you in touch with something as simple as your five senses or as mysterious as the infinite.

Here is their first single, Akal: 

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