Timeless Beauty – The EverSound Classical Collection


There is a timeless quality to the notion of beauty. It follows a pattern of excellence that transcends time. It is the reason why the term “classical music” is still valid today. The “Timeless Beauty – The EverSound Classical Collection” is a journey in music that emphasizes both the idea of timeless beauty and the unparalleled vision that is EverSound.

Within the broad movement of new-age music, neoclassical new-age music is influenced by and sometimes also based upon baroque or classical music, especially in terms of melody and composition. The artist may offer a modern arrangement of a work by an established composer or combine elements from classical styles with modern elements to produce original compositions. Many artists within this subgenre are classically trained musicians. Although there is a wide variety of individual styles, neoclassical new-age music is generally melodic, harmonic, and instrumental, using both traditional musical instruments as well as electronic instruments.

Sample “Timeless Beauty – The EverSound Classical Collection” here:

“Timeless Beauty features both traditional musical instruments and subtle electronic elements, performed and recorded by some of the most talented artists of our time.”

The Download is available now on EverSound.com, and the CD is scheduled for August 13.