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15 Years of New Age Music Blogging


Welcome to a joyous celebration of the 15th anniversary of New Age Music Guide! For a decade and a half, I have been dedicated to uncovering the ethereal melodies, serene harmonies, and soul-stirring compositions that define the enchanting world of New Age music. Even though the world has changed a lot over these 15 years, I believe the need for the genre is bigger in 2023 than in 2008. 

Over the years, New Age Music Guide has taken us on a musical odyssey, exploring the diverse realms of New Age music. From ambient soundscapes to mystical chants, from instrumental symphonies to electronic meditations, each piece has spoken to our souls, offering solace, inspiration, and a momentary escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

On 15 May 2008 the page Newagemusic.nu (now a Swedish music page) came online after months of preparations. This is how the page looked in 2009, with the beautiful logo designed by Medwyn Goodall:

I never really like the .nu domain, so when Newagemusic.info became available I moved the page there.

I always liked the New Age Music Guide books [I and II], so when .guide was offered as one of the new top domains, I once again moved everything.

The “modern” New Age Music Guide logo, designed by Shujjat Ali:

Throughout this journey, I have had the privilege of introducing you to countless talented artists who have devoted their lives to creating music that uplifts and transports us to realms beyond imagination. A personal high-point for me was getting an exclusive interview with Andreas Vollenweider in 2020 after he had been away from the public for over 10 years:

It was hearing Andreas Vollenweider’s music in 1987 that introduced me to the world of New Age music – so the interview was a full-circle experience for me.

New age music is not merely a genre; it is an artistic expression that transcends boundaries and taps into the very essence of our being. It serves as a gentle reminder to slow down, breathe, and embrace the present moment. It guides us on a spiritual quest, encouraging self-reflection, mindfulness, and the pursuit of inner peace. Through my blog, I have strived to capture the essence of this music and share it with you, my cherished readers and listeners! There is another anniversary coming up this year too; New Age Stars Radio will celebrate 15 years online in December 2023. 

These are the all-time top 10 posts on New Age Music Guide:

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  9. Enya.com Down For A Whole Year
  10. The Story Behind Enigma’s “Push the Limits”

On this occasion, I will extend my deepest gratitude to all the artists, readers, and supporters who have been a part of New Age Music Guide’s incredible journey over the past 15 years. It is your unwavering dedication and love for this genre that fuels my passion and keeps me going. 



As I embark upon the next chapter of our mutual journey in music, I am filled with excitement and anticipation. The world of New Age music continues to evolve and expand, embracing innovative sounds and new perspectives. I will not let fake artists and AI stand in the way of dedicated, hardworking New Age music artists worldwide. I am committed to being at the forefront of this exploration, discovering emerging talents, and rediscovering hidden gems from the past.

Let the next 15 years begin!

BT Fasmer

Cartoon Stock. Used under license. 

Above picture by Taawon – Bigstockphoto.com