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The Most Relaxing Music Ever


As a radio host for a popular New Age music show I get to sample a lot of music custom made for relaxation and sleep. Here I’m going to share with you my personal favorites. A word of warning though; don’t listen to this while driving, or doing anything that requires your full attention…

I’m dividing this article in two: one for relaxation and one for sleep.

For relaxation;

Brian Eno – Ambient 1 – Music for Airports
It is almost mandatory to start this voyage through relaxing music with Brian Eno’s masterwork Ambient 1 – Music for Airports. When you want to block out the world around you, this 4 track collection is all you need.

The first track – simply called 1/1 – is a gorgeous, 17 minute piano piece with an easy to like melody. Then there is a song with a heavenly vocal synth. It is all beautifully uncomplicated, and a must have on airports, and all other places, where a big dose of relaxing atmosphere is needed.

Terry Oldfield – Ambient Soundscapes vol. 1 and 2
Ambient Soundscapes vol. 1 and 2 is both a highly relaxing collection of songs and a great introduction to Terry Oldfield’s music. There’s plenty of variation in sound, from the quiet beauty of De Profundis to the rhythmic Monastery. Ambient Soundscapes makes lying on the coatch feel like meditation.


Volume one:


Volume two:



Enigma – MCMXC a.D.
I have previously selected Enigma’s debut album 1990 as the best New Age music album of all times. It’s mix of chilled beats, deep synths and a good dose of mysticism make this into a relaxation winner.

Put it on and your mind is taken on an unforgettable musical voyage. Here is the complete album:

Davol – A Day Like No Other
Sometimes you need positive input only, and no negativity is allowed. One such 100 % positive album is Davol’s A Day Like No Other. It is filled with great melodies and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Here you’ll find songs that are among my all-time favorites, like Lucky Day and Human.

Play the album here:




Amethystium – Transience
Every one of Amethystium’s eight albums could have been chosen for this article, but Oystein Ramfjord’s latest album, Transience is especially great for relaxation and dreaming.

amethystium1Transience is an instrumental album. It is perhaps Amethystium’s darkest album so far. But don’t let that scare you; the dark clouds gives way for some of the most positive and uplifting songs I have heard in a long time; songs like Mesmerized, Nightfall, Solace and Saudade are instant Amethystium classics. When the album ends with the title track (and the epilogue), it feels like you have completed a voyage to strange, magnificent and welcoming planet.

Play the album on:



For sleeping:

There are many many albums that are designed especially to make it easier to fall asleep. These albums let your mind focus on something calming and positive, so you don’t dwell with negative thoughts and get stressed by the fact that you are not sleeping. It is also much healthier to listen to music than taking a pill…

Liquid Mind – VIII Sleep
VIII Sleep has long been Liquid Mind/Chunk Wild’s bestselling album, and with a good reason; this is one of the finest albums for sleeping ever made. The synth melodys are beautiful beyond words.

This album makes me so sleepy that I can’t even listen to it writing this… zzz…

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Tell us about your favorites too – and I’ll add them to the list!!