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Charles Xavier – Xmas Vibe


Christmas is all about traditions. There’s much comfort and joy in following the same pattern every year. But we all need some fresh input too. An easy place to start is to put on some alternative Christmas music. Xmas Vibe by Charles Xavier is perfect when you are searching for an album with a fresh take on traditional songs.

xmasvibeXavier describes Xmas Vibe as “a World Music-meets George Winston and Gary Burton-influenced soundscape of Holiday favorites with a blend of innovative and unusual Rock, Soul, Funk and New Age styles that will appeal to a wide range of listeners.”As you understand, Xmas Vibe is all about details. I was amazed by the beauty and complexity of the songs. Instead of focusing on the overall structure, Xavier creates small segments of sounds. Every note of the vibraphone is like a small artwork, a piece of something truly great.

Xavier does not label his music as jazz. He calls it a jazzy kind of free-form with hints of punk, funk, rock – and New Age music. Xavier has just released an album called Perfect Mold, which is also highly recommended.

Xmas Vibe is great both as background music and for active listening. While most Christmas music is as interesting as last week’s news, Xmas Vibe will stay fresh all through the holiday season. It is a complete Christmas album.

Go to Happy Notes Records – or sample the album on iTunes or CD Baby.