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Curtis Macdonald – Spring’s Redeeming Rain


It is easy to get caught in a cycle of negative thinking. In a world where one pessimistic news story follows the next like clockwork, hopelessness and indifference is commonplace. To give yourself a break and recharge is important. Curtis Macdonald’s fresh single Spring’s Redeeming Rain offers an instant mood lift. The piece is a tribute to all the rejuvenating forces in nature. The atmosphere is refreshing and light, yet under the surface is a rare sensibility. Spring’s Redeeming Rain is yet another example of Macdonald’s unique melodic talent.

Curtis Macdonald

Curtis Macdonald is a graduate composer from California Institute of the Arts, Valencia, California and has 26 albums in release. In 2013, Curtis Macdonald received Grammy consideration for Best Instrumental Pop Record for the CMMP release When Dreams Come True, and in 2007 received Grammy consideration for Best New Age Record for the EverSound release Everlasting as well as placing in the New Age Reporter Top 100 Recordings. His most recent album is Waiting For An Ordinary Spring (2020).

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Spring’s Redeeming Rain
The Spring’s Redeeming Rain intro is fascinating! The in medias res effect of first few piano keys makes the listeners hang on to each note. It is as if we tune in mid-sentence of a story. The rhythm is quite sharp and quick, effectively guiding us along, reminding me of the rhythm on Tangerine Dream’s classic Love on a Real Train. The reverb is heavenly.

Macdonald’s music often has an original twist, and that is also the case with Spring’s Redeeming Rain. Around the 50 seconds mark, we are introduced to an Irish Tin whistle. It sounds thoughtful and takes the melody into new, heavy-hearted territory. The piano too joins in on the melancholy, giving it a mournful vibe. But it is not to last; spring’s redeeming rain is here, cleansing and renewing. It is like a melodic vitamin injection.

The ending is equally fascinating. One should think that a happy, uncomplicated fade-out was in store for us after that wonderful spring rain. But no, the Irish Tin whistle is still here, adding to the reflective atmosphere. It makes me look for the replay button, since I find myself needing the positivity of the mid-section. It is this kind of melodic wizardry that Macdonald does so well.

In conclusion: “Expect to have hope rekindled. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again,” Sarah Ban Breathnach said. Curtis Macdonald Spring’s Redeeming Rain communicates that same sense of hope and well-being. Yes, it is raining, but spring is here! It is a time for growth and new life.

When listening to a fresh Macdonald piece, it is always about the melody. But when listening to it again, the many levels of clever sound design manifest themselves. Spring’s Redeeming Rain is no exception. From the somewhat hesitant opening rises a midsection that manages to be both upbeat and reflecting. The creative use of the Irish Tin whistle, albeit short, is truly memorable.

Melancholy is hard to balance, especially in music, but on Spring’s Redeeming Rain it is done to perfection. Macdonald’s usual minimalistic approach pays off, effortlessly combining sorrow with happiness. We can almost feel and smell the spring rain. There is a lot of comfort in that.

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