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Interview with Michael Cretu



Webpage DigitalTrends.com has posted an interview with Michael Cretu of Enigma in connection with the release of “The Fall of A Rebel Angel” album. It has a technical perspective, but it is a great read.

It starts like this:

Digital Trends: You recorded The Fall of a Rebel Angel on Merlin, your mobile digital studio. The one you had before it was a grander, bigger version called The Alchemist.

Enigma: Yes, Merlin was something that was custom-made for me and my method of working. I have had this machine for four or five years now. The Alchemist was the prototype, and then as technology developed, it kept getting smaller and smaller. So I decided to make a smaller version, which, from the technical point of view, is more advanced.

Merlin also includes other gear like an Apple Mac Pro, LogicPro software, and, I’m happy to hear, surround sound speakers.

Right right right. In the early days, I just updated the technical elements. I changed to the new Mac Pro, and updated the hard drives. The concept of this Merlin is, while the outer surface survives with time, the insides can be renewed at any time as needed, so I’m always technologically up to date.

Read the interview here.