Michael Cretu Celebrates 60th Birthday


On 18th May Michael Cretu celebrated his 60th birthday. In this connection the man behind Enigma gave an interview to German press. 

In the Gala.de story “Ich tauge nicht zum Rentner”, via Spot On News, he says that he is not ready for retirement, and that the 60th birthday will be celebrated together with a few close friends. Besides a few gray hairs he feels very fit, and not old at all.

As long as I can move my fingers, I will make music,” he says. ” I am not a pensioner. Furthermore, I do not consider what I am doing as work. This is a passion. That’s why I do not need great hobbies by the way. Age is only a statistical number.

Michael says that he is always making music, trying to find new sounds. “Enigma was certainly not the last thing I did in my life.

Spot On News: “If you could turn back the wheel of time, would there be something they would do differently?”

Cretu: “I ask myself this question frequently after 40 years in this business. I am a self-critical person and often question myself, but I have done the essential things in my musical career. So I would not do anything else.”

Read the complete interview in German here. Also check out this story in sueddeutsche.de.

We recently released a Mixcloud podcast called “No Enigma – Michael Cretu’s other projects”. Here you’ll get a quick tour of his non-Enigma material. Check it out below: