Michael Cretu Interview in Huffington Post



Jon Chattman has done a great interview with Michael Cretu with the title “Enjoy the “Sadeness” – Michael Cretu and ENIGMA Return”.

Chattman writes:

Film sequels aren’t nearly as good as the originals. It’s just a fact. Sure, in those rare cases – Terminator and The Godfather – some exceed their predecessors, but it’s few and far between. Just ask Arthur 2: On the Rocks. Anyway, follow-ups to songs are rare, but when they occur, the same can be said though I love Metallica’s “Unforgiven” trilogy. Enter Michael Cretu of the multiplatinum selling German project Enigma who has done something pretty ballsy: he’s given us a sequel to the mega hit “SADENESS,” which hit Top 40 and dance charts when it came out some 25 years ago. I remember when I first heard this song. Most will. It was like something we’d never heard before – part medieval, part new age, part WTF, but all amazing. It probably helped usher in the EDM movement.

Enigma has had more hit singles and albums, but this track defined them as a band. Now, here we are with “Sadeness (Part II)” off the band’s long-awaited eighth studio album The Fall of a Rebel Angel and the song, which features Anggun, is another triumph. I caught up with Cretu and asked him about the sequel, the album, and collaborating with other artists.

Read the interview in Huffington Post.