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A Day Without Rain 20th Anniversary


Enya’s “A Day Without Rain” was released on 20 November 2000. To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, Enya’s management will be hosting an album watch party on YouTube on Friday at 12pm BST with some rare clips.

Enya took a break from music after having promoted the compilation “Paint the Sky with Stars” (1997). In the Summer of 1998, Enya, Nicky and Ryan Ryan returned to Aigle Studio to record a new album. “The Memory of Trees” (1995) and the compilation were still selling well, so there was no rush to get the album finished. Enya decided to work five days a week, and not seven – which she had when recording “The Memory of Trees”.

For “A Day Without Rain”, Enya received her third New Age music Grammy in 2002.

Some clips from the upcoming album watch party have been already made available on Enya’s facebook page.

Here is Enya’s official YouTube channel.

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In other news; Enya.com is still mysteriously down, 290 days and counting…