Enya.com Down for 11 Days


It is not unusual for a webpage to experience downtime, but Enya.com has been down for a long time (see counter below). That’s a lot. We did some research to see if anyone could explain why Enya.com is down. 

2021 UPDATE:

Enya.com Down For A Whole Year

The page has now been down for:

UPDATE 17 March 2020 (thanks to Felipe Dário):


Original story (16 February 2020)

First; It is not just us; The page is really down. This according to isitdownrightnow.com

One thing seems certain; Enya.com is probably not experiencing a technical problem on the server-side. The page is hosted by Go Daddy, and they are not reporting any major difficulties(I have been a customer there for over 15 years, and I know that a Go Daddy would fix any problem for a page of this size in an hour or less, for instance by moving the page to another server. ) 

It doesn’t appear to be a problem with the domain either. It doesn’t expire before in May 2020:

This is all very strange. There are, as of writing, no news or information on Enya’s Facebook page either. 

While we are waiting, why not check out the below pictures showing how the page has changed over the years?

In 2000 there was not a whole lot on Enya.com:

In 2003 the page was beginning to take shape:

In 2004:The Sumiregusa (Wild Violet) edition

2007, designed by Lee Tobin and Roma Ryan

Here’s the Enya.com “And Winter Came” era, here from 2010:

In 2011, all attention was on The Very Best of Enya:

Since the release of “Dark Sky Island”, the page has looked like the above picture.

What do you think; Has the page been hacked? Is Enya retiring? Or is this the preparation for the release of a new album? Write a message below 🙂

Thanks to Candace S. for pointing out that enya.com is down.