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Enya 2020 – A New Album on the Horizon?


We know for a fact that Enya has been producing new material over the last few years, as confirmed by her sister Moya Brennan in this story. The big question is; will the new album be released in 2020?  

Enya’s 2015 album “Dark Sky Island” is still doing very well, so there’s no rush for her to deliver a new release. We were quite sure that no album would be released in 2019, so in our yearly Enya update, we instead focused on her “unofficial” debut album “The Frog Prince” (which you really should check out if you are in search of “new” Enya material). Suddenly though, in mid-December 2019, a new compilation called “Christmas Secrets” was released on Spotify and Youtube. No CD or LP versions were released.

Five years between releases is an eternity in today’s music business. Still, if you are only a casual Enya listener using Spotify, “Christmas Secrets” appears to be a “proper release” – as seen in the below picture, falsely labeled as an album. Perhaps this mere playlist may serve as a buffer in 2020, giving Enya some more time to refine her new songs?

Enya is pretty well-known among younger listeners these days (her music is being used in TV-shows and commercials), and with almost 2,5 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Enya’s mission is all about reducing risk. A new album, on the other hand, is risky. She will have to do interviews, answer endless questions about possible tours and how it is to live in a castle right next to Bono. While unreleased material, on the other hand, is money in the bank. Again; there is no rush for Enya at this stage.

So we will, most likely, not see a new Enya album in 2020. But I hope I’m wrong since it is probably 99% finished, ready to be released if her popularity is falling…   

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Above picture by s_bukley – Bigstockphoto.com. Used under license.