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Enya’s greatest songs – ranked!


We all have our personal Enya favorites – songs that we love and cherish. Earlier this year, The Guardian’s Luke Turner posted something that must be characterized as the authoritative list of Enya music called Enya’s greatest songs – ranked! It is a great reference. 

Luke Turner starts his list with:

20. Orinoco Flow (1988)

With the plinking, clipped synths and infernally moreish chorus, Orinoco Flow is the Enya song that everyone knows, yet it is arguably the least interesting moment on her breakthrough album, Watermark. Indeed, for years it seemed that its ubiquity obscured the stranger treasures in her discography.

19. March of the Celts (1987)

After Enya left family band Clannad, her solo career struggled until she got a chance to soundtrack the 1987 BBC TV series The Celts. March of the Celts showcases the oddness of Enya’s music. She’s not a solo artist, but actually a team, and producer Nicky Ryan’s roots were in sonic experimentation, such as designing a vibrating room so that deaf schoolchildren could sense music and dance.

18. Aldebaran (1987)

Aldebaran’s sparkling, synthetic harp and pipes are the backing for a text written by Enya lyricist Roma Ryan that tells of Celtic civilisation voyaging into space in hope of a better future – a concept that sits in curious musical parallel to Afrofuturist techno group Drexciya’s vision of a Black nation living safe from persecution beneath the sea.

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While we are still at it, Enya.com is still down – almost 600 days & counting!

You’ll find most of the songs on this fan-favorite compilation:
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And yes, Enya will release a new album this year. It is written in the stars.

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