Deep Forest’s 2014 Studio set-up


ericIt is always exciting when an artist opens the doors to his or her studio. It is extra exciting when the artist is a true legend, which is the case with Deep Forest’s Eric Moquet. This is his instruments of choice for the year 2014 – with some new and some old equipment – this according to his blog. I have added links to pages describing each instrument and gear.

This is the studio set-up:

  • Prophet 5 rev2 – LINK
  • Basstation – LINK
  • MFB Tanzbar – LINK
  • Prophet VS – LINK
  • Multimoog (modified) – LINK
  • OBMX 6 voices – LINK
  • Cirklon CV/midi sequencer – LINK
  • Wave (H3000 on aux)- LINK  (a bit unsure here)
  • Tempest,- LINK
  • Haken Continuum – LINK  (used beautifully in the below video)
  • Buchla 200e – LINK
  • Pulse 2 – LINK

A picture of it all can be seen on the Deep Forest homepage.

Here is a live version of Tiko, where you can see several of the above instruments in action – especially the Haken Continuum.